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Our Pre K-8th Curriculum

Pre K to Kindergarten

'Major Focus:  

Alphabet recognition,  phonetic awareness, Consonant, vowel, and ending sounds, Beginning spelling,

Reading simple sentences, and more...


Number recognition,  Count to 100, Addition, and subtraction up to 20...

3-5 years
1st to 4th Graders

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Major Focus:

Short and long vowel recognition, vowel rules, and reading/language strategies..


Number sense, place value, Counting money, Addition & subtraction up to 10,000, Word problems, symbols: more than, less than and equal to, and more...

6-9 years
5th to 8th Graders

Major Focus:  

Reading comprehension, vocabulary development and Language arts skills...


Number theory, Integers, Percents, Fractions, Ratio & proportion, Rational numbers, Exponents, Algebra, Consumer Math,  Geometry...

10-13 years

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