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Our 9-12th Curriculum

Major Focus:  


SMARTLand K-16 uses an interactive, online comprehensive, K - 12 quality curriculum designed to maximize student learning.  It covers all subject areas and grades as well as aligns to meet national and state standards.  In addition, the student can to choose his/her desired learning subject and to progress at his/her own pace.  It is an ideal resource support system for parents interested in homeschooling and those in other school programs.  The result is increased learning, greater retention of subject matter, and higher test scores.  It is a great study program to help your child fill those learning gaps and feel more confident in class.  You and your child will have more control of his/her education.  And, evaluate the results for yourself! 


"Take control of your future.  Study and learn on your own terms and time."


What a difference a year will make in your child's life!

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